40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Having an intense time arranging a rundown of the best places to visit in Hyderabad on the grounds that there are simply such a large number of choices accessible? All things considered, Hyderabad is, to be sure, one of those urban communities of India that don't enable you to keep the rundown of spots to visit short. The capital city of the Indian state, Telangana, Hyderabad is a well-known decision among Indian and remote vacationers. It is additionally extremely mainstream among foodies for its reality celebrated Biryani. It is loaded with delightful landmarks with verifiable criticalness that fill in as the main consideration drawing in travelers from in and outside India. Additionally, the more up to date districts of the city have been flawlessly arranged with various vacation destinations like some shocking shopping edifices and obviously, the extremely well known Ramoji Film City. 

Hyderabad comprises some awesome treats to the admirers of engineering, history, and expressions. The city has a rich blended culture that makes it home to some splendid building examples mirroring the diverse hues on the range of Hyderabad. Mecca Mosque, the biggest mosque in India is situated here, or, in other words, the key features among Hyderabad traveler places. Some other delightful old mosques embellish the old city alongside royal residences, tombs, and minarets with photograph commendable structures that mirror the regal air of the decades passed by. Hyderabad additionally houses some wonderful antiquated sanctuaries that add appeal to its recorded perspective. 

Aside from some excellent vacationer spots, there are some fascinating spots giving a look into the history, to visit at short separations from Hyderabad 

Must Visit Places in Hyderabad 

1. Golconda Fort 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

A medieval post presently sitting above the city, Golconda is one of the chronicled spots to visit in Hyderabad. Initially implicit mud on a 400ft slope, the fortification remnants of today have seen the rule of a few administrations. Arranged 11km far from the clamoring urbanism of Hyderabad, it gets its name from a Telugu word significance Shepherd's Hill. A memory of an all-around arranged Golconda city inside as far as possible is apparent even at this point. 

The remaining parts of numerous fortress layers, arsenals, magazines, mosques, storage facilities, repositories, gathering of people chambers and illustrious residences supplement the striking appearance of the stronghold. 

Acclaimed for its acoustics, an exceptional flagging gadget that was consolidated in its development, the structure is known for its royal residences, shrewd water supply framework and the popular Fateh Rahben, one of the guns utilized in the last attack of Golconda by Aurangzeb. The Sound and Light show brings alive the greatness of one of India's well-known fortifications. 

Timings: 9am – 5:30pm 

Section charge: 

INR 5 for each individual for Indians 

INR 100 for each individual for remote nationals 

INR 130 for each individual for Light and Sound Show 

Photography: Allowed, INR 25 for each camera for videography. 

2. Char Minar 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

The epic mark of the city, Char Minar makes for a magnificent sight. Situated in the core of Hyderabad's old city, encompassed by Mecca Masjid, fabricated utilizing blocks from Mecca and Laad Bazaar - a rowdy shopping road, this milestone is bound ever. 

Worked in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, it was developed to honor the establishing of Hyderabad and furthermore to ward of a savage plague that was wider than in the Golconda area. Graced by 4 minarets taking off very nearly 50ft in tallness, it has a mosque and 45 supplication spaces are among the popular places in Hyderabad. 

Timings: 9am – 5:30pm 

Section charge: INR 5 for every individual for Indians, INR 100 for each individual for outside nationals 

Photography: Allowed 

3. Shri Jagannath Temple

One of the sanctuaries to visit in Hyderabad is the Shri Jagannath Temple, a cutting-edge sanctuary worked by the neighborhood Oriya people group here. This imitation of the first in Puri draws aficionados with its sanctum sanctorum lodging statues of Lord Jagannath, and his kin Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

The breathtaking sanctuary is very much developed with an alluring Shikhara estimating 70ft in tallness. A genuine portrayal of the first, the development in red sandstone is a visual wonder and is known for its yearly Ratha Yatra. 

Timings: 6am – 11am, 5pm – pm 

Section charge: NA 

Photography: Not permitted, both inside and outside 

4. Birla Mandir 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Situated on the south end of Hussain Sagar Lake, the Birla Mandir is a charming present-day sanctuary worked on the Kala Pahad, the twin hillock of the Naubat Pahad. With blended compositional styles from Odhisha and South Indian, the place of love is adorned with outlandish epic scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata that are finely etched in marble. The internal hallowed place of the sanctuary has an 11ft tall copy of Tirupati Venkateswara. 

Delight in a few marble carvings delineating Indian folklore in the bordering 'Mukha Mandapam'. The sanctuary likewise houses consorts of Venkateswara, Padmavati, and Andal and also has a different place of worship devoted to Buddha. 

Timings: 7am – 12pm, 2pm – 9pm 

Section expense: NA 

Photography: Not Allowed 

5. Ramoji Film City 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Positively extraordinary compared to other spots to visit in Hyderabad with family, Ramoji Film City advances toward each explorer's rundown on account of its mysterious subject around a film, or, in other words, basic love of each Indian. Ramoji Film city is said to be one of the spooky goals in India. The just a single of its kind in India, this occasion goal offers something extraordinary to everybody and is a standout amongst other spots to visit in Hyderabad. 

The world's biggest incorporated film city, spread crosswise over 2,000acres guarantees that each guest makes most from the day spent here. Highlights incorporate very much characterized classifications of diversion suited for various ages from Eureka, the execution field demonstrated on the lines of imperial posts facilitating live shows, to getting a voyage through an ordinary film studio, multi-food eateries, shopping scenes, children's stop, and even a fledgling park.visiting the film city is extraordinary compared to other activities in Hyderabad. This goal can be delighted in over a one-day outing or one could remain back at this occasion goal. 

Timings: 9am – 5:30pm 

Passage expense: 

INR 800 for every individual for the general guided visit for grown-ups without sustenance 

INR 700 for every kid for a general guided visit for youngsters (3-12 years) without nourishment 

INR 1,799 for every individual for Ramoji Star Experience for grown-ups with nourishment 

INR 1,499 for every kid for Ramoji Star Experience for youngsters (3-12 years) with nourishment 

Photography: Allowed 

6. Hussain Sagar Lake 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

One of the biggest man-made lakes in India, Hussain Sagar Lake has been enhancing the twin urban areas of Hyderabad and Secunderabad since 1562. A traveler goal that can't be missed as spots to visit in Hyderabad with family, the lake is best to invest energy around sunset with charming air filling the environment. 

Adding to its appeal is the solid statue of the Buddha introduced in the core of the lake. A few offices around the lake fringe, for example, drifting and water sports, and the area Lumbini Park, a carnival are add-on attractions. 

Timings: 1pm – 9pm, all days of the week 

Passage expense: INR 10 (drifting) 

Photography: Allowed 

7. Mecca Masjid, Old Hyderabad 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Recorded among legacy landmarks in Hyderabad, Mecca Masjid or Makka Masjid as alluded by local people holds an unmistakable position of not simply being the most seasoned mosques in the city but on the other hand is one of India's greatest. This 400year old landmark was developed utilizing the dirt from Mecca. Henceforth the name. 

Adding more to the recent time around the Charminar and old Hyderabad city, the mosque's overwhelming structure and impressive design are unmistakable in its three-curved façade cut from single rock, minarets, and overhangs. It is a standout amongst the most celebrated Hyderabad Tourist Places. 

Timings: 4am – 9:30pm 

Section expense: NA 

Photography: Allowed 

8. Qutub Shahi Tombs 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

One of the recorded spots to visit in Hyderabad is the arrangement of completely excellent Qutub Shahi Tombs tucked away against the exquisite scenery of the pleasant Ibrahim Bagh. These speak to the last resting ground of leaders of the establishing administration of Hyderabad. 

The most bona fide and the magnificent showcase of Persian, Hindu, and Pathan structural plans devoted to the seven lords who ruled Golconda for almost 170years, the rulers themselves constructed these tombs. Take a Cultural Walkthrough Hyderabad to observe all the more such stunning structures here in this lovely city. 

Timings: 9:30am – 6:30pm 

Section charge: NA 

Photography: Allowed, INR 20 for each camera 

9. Birla Science Museum 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Extraordinary compared to other evaluated science establishments world-over, the Birla Science Museum is among the busiest and most went to places in India. It gives a healthy investigation of science and its different arms with a planetarium that reveals a few puzzles of the universe. An exceptional Participatory Science Museum with Archeology and Fine Art segments is an immense draw. 

The Archeology and Fine Arts segment has uncommon displays that have been gathered and unearthed. Dinosaurium, a Natural History Gallery and the stunning Art Gallery have excellent wall paintings, conventional curios from different Indian states, and live activities in the Science Projects wing are on offer under one rooftop. 

Timings: 10:30am – 8pm, all days of the week 

Passage charge: 

INR 50 for Museum 

INR 50 for Planetarium 

Photography: Allowed 

10. Sri Rama Chandra Swamy Temple, Amrapali Village 

A genuine fortune concealed from the hustle of Hyderabad city is this 800yr old Sri Rama Chandra Swamy Temple in Amrapali Village. Stacked with a rich history, the place of love developed in the thirteenth century has a god, which was introduced more than 1,000yrs prior. 

A landmark more established than the Golconda Fort, the Rama Temple is a sanctuary to visit in Hyderabad. A far-fetched Rajasthani styled engineering, a stage well before the fundamental sanctuary, a seven-layered gopuram all make this interesting. Yet, maybe the nonattendance of Lord Rama's most steadfast bhakt Hanuman from the fundamental sanctum emerges the most. The icons of Rama, Lakshman, and Sita are cut from a solitary stone. Make a beeline for the Parijat Tree here to tie a heap of wish in a red material. 

Timings: NA 

Passage expense: NA 

Photography: Allowed 

11. Nehru Zoological Park 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

A 50yr old zoo reaching out more than 380acres, the Nehru Zoological Park is an awesome mix of environmental projects, creature natural surroundings, examine offices, and other such attractions. Being an all around prepared zoo, guests can easily spend a whole day here getting a charge out of a few offices, for example, to prepare, kids stop, employed bike rides, sculling, strolls around extensive aquariums with new water and marine water life in plain view. 

It has India's first butterfly stop and wilderness safari. Jurassic Park with live measured models of the terminated species is a noteworthy draw for kids and makes it outstanding amongst other spots to find in Hyderabad. Bragging of almost 1,500 examples of flying creatures, creatures, and reptiles the Nehru Zoological Park likewise energizes reception of wild creatures by the general population. 


April – June: 8am – 5:30pm, 

July – March: 8:30am – 5pm 

Shut each Monday 

Section charge: You can look at the official site for the equivalent 

Photography: Allowed 

12. Salar Jung Museum 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Situated in the prime setting of old Hyderabad city, the Salar Jung Museum has distinguished neighbors like the Charminar, Mecca Masjid and State Central Library and you can see every one of them in a little walk visit. One of the must-see spots to visit in Hyderabad with family, this is among India's chief historical centers with 38 exhibitions spread more than three structures. 

Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, who additionally loaned his name to the gallery, gained a rich vault of aesthetic accomplishments of different European, Asian and Far Eastern nations of the world; a noteworthy lump of the gathering is in plain view. Look at antiquities reflecting the human development from the second century BC to mid-twentieth century AD. 

Timings: 10am – 5pm and Closed on each Friday and all open occasions 

Section charge: 

INR 10 for an overall population 

INR 150 for remote natives 

Understudies with personality cards are given half concession. 

Safeguard staff in uniform, sorted out Kisan gatherings and kids underneath 12 years are likewise given half concession. 

'Youngsters' Week' (fourteenth twentieth November) school kids up to 12 years old joined by educators are permitted for nothing out of pocket. 

'Historical center Week' (eighth fourteenth January) open is given concession in the passageway ticket. 

Photography: INR 20 for still and portable photography

13. Snow World

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

An indoor ponder universe of snow and chill, Snow World is among the must experience spots to visit in Hyderabad with family. With one of the biggest snow zones spread more than 17,000sft, the connecting with the place is worked with best in class innovation creating snow as near the genuine one as could reasonably be expected. 

With temperature solidifying up to - 5degree Celsius, the made feeling has an exciting situation with polar bears, penguins, elevated trees, and snow the distance. A total field with children snow play zone, snow slide, snow carousel, figures, snow b-ball, snow mountain, volleyball, moving, and an ice inn make Snow World a family goal. 


All days of the week 

11am – 12noon (first Session) 

12:30pm - 1:30pm (second Session) 

2pm – 3pm (third Session) 

3:30pm – 4:30pm (fourth Session) 

5pm – 6pm (fifth Session) 

6:30pm – 7:30pm (sixth Session) 

8pm – 9pm (seventh Session) 

Section expense: 

INR 450 for each individual grown-up 

INR 250 for each individual youngster 

INR 300 for each individual undergrad (above tenth class) 

INR 250 for each individual school understudy (up to tenth class) 

Photography: Only cameras permitted 

14. Greatest Baobab - The Cave of 40 Thieves 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Not very a long way from the Golconda Fort is Hyderabad's greatest conceivable tree of Baobab. The hundreds of years old Hatiyaan tree stands appropriate inverse the Mulla Khiyali Mosque in the less frequented region of Naya Quila. 

Having a place with the African Baobab family, the tree gets its name from its huge circumference and furthermore the branches that resemble elephant trunks. The empty of this hypnotizing tree can undoubtedly suit more than 20 individuals. An intriguing scene to tune in to a few legends from local people, Haatiyon ka jihad as it's prevalently known is accepted to have been the fort for Ali Baba's 40 criminals. 

Timings: 9am – 5pm, consistently 

Passage charge: NA 

Photography: Allowed 

Spots to visit in one day (Within 200 Km) 

15. Nalgonda 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

As old as the Paleolithic Age, this old city is one of the spots to visit in Hyderabad inside one day in light of its notable presence through the early time of human presence. 


Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, a well-known dam in South India with 26 entryways and a hydroelectric plant. The place additionally has cascades called Ethipothala, a 70ft high waterway course made by a blend of three streams and Gowthama Buddha Museum. 

Bhuvanangiri Fort, based on a confined shake by Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI, it is known for its stronghold on the highest point of the slope as it gives a 10,000 foot perspective of the neighboring territory. 

Different attractions incorporate the more than 2,000 years of age Jain Shrine at Kolanupaka town committed to the 21 Tirthankaras and Yadagiri Gutta, the most reverential place in Nalgonda. 

Exercises: Sightseeing 

Separation: 83km 

Best time to visit: February 

Sort of goal: Family and child benevolent, hiking, noteworthy, journey, trekking. 

16. Mahabubnagar 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

An antiquated city with follows in the Old and New Stone Ages, Mahabubnagar is a place for any history darling. Otherwise called Palamooru and the place where there is the Chola Dynasty, this is outstanding amongst other spots to visit close Hyderabad inside 100 km. 


Prevalent for its incalculable precious stone mines, or, in other words, be the wellspring of the popular Kohinoor jewel, Mahabubnagar has pre-noteworthy destinations existing together close by too. This place additionally has a large group of verifiable attractions, for example, Jama Masjid, Medina Masjid, Mecca Masjid, and Umamaheshwaram. A 700yr old Pillalamarri awesome Banyan Tree adds to its fascination. 

Exercises: Sightseeing 

Separation: 134km 

Best time to visit: February and December 

Sort of goal: Family and child agreeable, hiking, memorable, journey. 

17. Warangal, Telangana 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Once the capital city of the Kakatiya Dynasty, Warangal has earned the credit of being outstanding amongst other spots to visit close Hyderabad inside 100kms in light of its lovely lakes, legacy locales, rich widely varied vegetation. Known as Oruguallu because of the gigantic rock hillock in the locale, it offers one an excessive number of attractions for vacationers. 


A portion of the significant attractions incorporates the Thousand Pillars Temple and the Ramappa Temple dating to the Twelfth Century, Warangal Fort – one of the engineering marvels of the past time, Ghanpur gathering of sanctuaries – an arrangement of 22 sanctuaries that are a structural exhibition hall even right up 'til the present time. 

The few encompassing lakes, for example, Ramappa Lake, Pakhal Lake, and Lakhnavaram Lake make Warangal a relieving goal only outside of Hyderabad for multi day's exposing. With developing prominence as a vacationer goal, some ongoing attractions incorporate Musical Garden, Rock Garden, Regional Science Center, Van Vigyan Kendra, and Etunagaram Wild Life Sanctuary. 

Exercises: Sightseeing and drifting 

Separation: 144km 

Best time to visit: October – March 

Kind of goal: Family and child cordial, hiking and noteworthy. 

18. Bidar, Karnataka 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

A city situated in the neighboring province of Karnataka, Bidar is effortlessly open from Hyderabad while arranging multi day's trek. With rich shades ever, craftsmanship and culture, Bidar have seen numerous an incredible administrations manage over this Deccan locale. 


Bidar is well known for its verifiable landmarks and locales having a place with various times of history. With a between blend of Hindu, Turkish and Persian artisanship, vacation spots here have some interesting outline and brightening designs in India. 

Spots to visit incorporate the unmistakably very much arranged Bidar Fort, a standout amongst the most impressive posts in India based on the precarious edge of the Deccan level under the attentive supervision of designers utilizing engineering of different nations. You can visit Pappas Temple, an old Shiva Temple well known for its regular spring and a little tank going back to presumably the Ramayana period. Different attractions incorporate Basavankalyan, Diwan-I-Am, Gumbaz Darwaza andBaridi Tombs. 

Exercises: Sightseeing 

Separation: 147km 

Best time to visit: October – March 

Kind of goal: Family and child benevolent, exploring, notable and journey. 

19. Karimnagar 

Set up hundreds of years back, Karimnagar was at one time the solid toehold of the Kakatiyas and later overwhelmed by the Nizams, which clarifies the particular impacts on the way of life and sustenance propensities for local people even today. 


A portion of the well-known landmarks in Karimnagar incorporate Tower Circle and the Kaman Circles. Elgandal Fort based on the banks of Manair River, encompassed by palm forests is generally rich since it was governed by 5 critical Deccan traditions through its lifetime. 

Exercises: Sightseeing 

Separation: 164km 

Best time to visit: November – February 

Sort of goal: Family and child inviting, hiking and noteworthy. 

20. Nagarjunasagar 

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

A conspicuous Buddhist spot in Andhra Pradesh, Nagarjunasagar is likewise the origination of one of the most punctual stream valley human advancements. Enthused by the serene environs of this place, Buddhists made this land an extraordinary center point of picking up, setting up one of the four noteworthy Viharas here. 


Nagarjuna Sagar is most known for being the site for one of India's soonest hydro-electric tasks – the Nagarjunasagar Dam. Encompassing the dam is the world's third-biggest man-made lakes, Nagarjunasagar. Anyway most famous in this district are the unearthings of Buddhist human progress, cloisters, and Anupu – a Buddhist site. 

The tidal pond shaped by the Ethipotala waterway course finishes the vacationer attempt as one of the spots to visit in Hyderabad inside one day. 

Exercises: Sight-seeing 

Separation: 165km 

Best time to visit: October – March 

Sort of goal: Family and child neighborly, hiking, notable, journey. 

Places close Hyderabad Between 200-300Kms 

21. Srisailam 

One of the holiest of Shiva altars on the planet, the kshetram (sanctuary) is situated on a level slope by name Srisailam. Arranged in the thick backwoods of Nallamalla runs in Kurnool, the sanctuary shows up even in Sage Vyasa's statements in the Puranas. 

The River Krishna streams to one side of the sanctuary, or, in other words of twelve Jyotirlingas in India. Overwhelmed in a few fanciful stories, the archanas and abhishekams of this hallowed place get the most elevated respected status among Hindus. 


Other than the fundamental sanctum, Srisailam has a few spots of interests in its region adding to its fascination as spots to close Hyderabad in two days. Vrudhamallikarjuna Swamy Temple has a lingam said to be more seasoned than the present Mallikarjuna Swamy Lingam. There is no Nandi before it. 

Lingas embodied by Pandavas are translated as five sanctuaries are arranged other than Arthanaareseswara sanctuary. Tri organic product tree or Triphala Uruksham a consecrated wish-satisfying tree additionally rests around the sanctuary's premises. 

Exercises: Religious visits 

Separation: 213km 

Best time to visit: October - February 

Sort of goal: Family and child well disposed, hiking, memorable, journey. 

22. Kurnool 

A laid-back town with numerous old landmarks, sanctuaries, and palaces, Kurnool is a concealed pearl. Evoking genuine emotion with admirers of history, the place can be delighted in investigating the old engineering and recorded landmarks. Vestiges of a medieval post built amid the rule of Vijayanagar Empire, the Arabic and Persian engravings on them, and access to a few traveler areas in the neighboring regions makes it a perfect excursion spot. 


Belum Caves, running a length of 3,229m are normally shaped because of the steady stream of underground water. The second longest collapses India, these are famous for their stalactite and stalagmite arrangements, long sections, crisp water displays, siphons, and roomy chambers. 

Mantralayam, a town prevalent for the Samadhi of Saint Raghavendra Teertha bears religious slants for Hindus. Situated on the banks of River Tungabhadra River, it is a goal for fans of Lord Vishnu.

Exercises: Sightseeing

Separation: 213km

Best time to visit: October - February

Kind of goal: Family and child benevolent, exploring, memorable and journey.

23. Gulbarga

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Gulburga, the fourth greatest city in Karnataka was at one time a piece of Hyderabad amid the govern of the Nizams. Arranged completely on the Deccan Plateau, this city has without a doubt saw the development of Hyderabad. With a rich and heavenly noteworthy past going back to the sixth century, it was additionally the capital of the Bahmani kingdom.

The River Krishna and River Bhima that course through the city making a one of a kind vibe, which additionally improves Gulbarga's appeal as a noteworthy vacation spot.


Bahmani Fort reconstructed by Allah-and-racket Bahmani of the decision line has 15 grand towers, a colossal mosque worked in 1367 and covers 38,000sft zone. Khwaja Bande Nawaz Dargah tomb of the holy Sufi holy person Khwaja Syed Mohammad Gesu Daraz is built in the Indo-Saracenic style of design.

The impact of Bahmani, Turkish, and Iranian engineering is clear in its vaults, curves, and dividers. The dargah's library has a gathering of around 10,000 books in various dialects including Persian, Urdu, and Arabic.

Exercises: Sightseeing

Separation: 231km

Best time to visit: October - March

Sort of goal: Family and child neighborly, hiking and noteworthy.

24. Guntur

A quiet area in Andhra Pradesh, Guntur is maybe the most under-appraised spots to visit close Hyderabad in two days. On a brisk end of the week escape to Guntur sightseers can encounter components of nature, for example, the ocean, cascades, and gives in, close by encountering a cut of history through remains, and historical centers.


Suryalanka Beach (50km) neglecting the precious stone blue waters of the Bay of Bengal is known for its normal magnificence with a wide and open stretch of sand. Guthikonda Caves (38km) set in the midst of thick timberland are great characteristic wonders accepted to be homes of ancient people. The appeal of these antiquated gives in likewise lies in the way that maharishis and holy people reflected in the caverns.

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary (5km) is home to around 40 types of transient feathered creatures like the Siberian pelicans and white ibis, Australian painted storks, spotted pelicans and different winged creatures.

Kondaveedu Fort (25km) spread crosswise over 30 hillocks, worked by unmistakable leaders of the Reddy Dynasty was considered as invulnerable with 24 bastions. The fortification offers around 21 stupas, numerous sanctuaries, private structures, pillared corridors, and a wonderful passageway door. The ridge offers awe-inspiring all-encompassing perspectives and is perfect for trekking.

Exercises: Visit the shoreline, trekking, flying creature watching and touring.

Separation: 267km

Best time to visit: October - March

Kind of goal: Family and child amicable, exploring, noteworthy, shoreline and trekking.

25. Mantralayam

Famous among the neighborhood networks who are admirers of the blessed Saint Raghavendra Swami, Mantralayam holds an extraordinary position among Hindus on account of Vrindavana. Effortlessly open by street and prepare, the sacrosanct town dwells on the banks of River Tungabhadra and is likewise alluded to as Manchale.


Other than a few sanctuaries and holy places encompassing Mantralayam, some famous attractions incorporate Panchamukhi Anjaneya Swamy Temple (23km) is situated on the rough landscape. The divinity, Lord Hanuman having five heads is accepted to act naturally made and was loved by Sri Raghavendra Swami himself. Navabrindavan (175km) is an island in the middle of two parts of River Tungabhadra, between the locale of Koppal and Bellary.

A mainstream goal for the passionate adherents and supporters of Sri Raghavendra Swami, the area is known for the tombs of the nine noticeable Madhawa holy people or 'Jeeva Brindavanas'.

Exercises: Religious touring, sanctuary visits

Separation: 275km

Best time to visit: October - March

Kind of goal: Family and child benevolent, exploring, journey.

Places close Hyderabad (Beyond 300 Kms)

26. Adilabad

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Adilabad is best portrayed as a perfect escape from Hyderabad due to its normal environment. The place is loaded up with beautiful, soul spellbinding scenes that make a brave meet with nature. The place likewise tosses the difficulties of nature including different trekking spots.

A couple of the significant attractions incorporate Kuntala Waterfalls - the most noteworthy course in Telangana arranged in the midst of the Sahyadri ranges, Kawala Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers the ideal environment for an assortment of widely varied vegetation, Pochera Waterfalls made by the River Godavari, or, in other words, marvelous scene of thick bushes, and some such.

Separation from Hyderabad: 303km

27. Belum Caves

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

The second longest collapse India, Belum Caves (3.5km) are in Kurnool locale. The significant fascination of this characteristic buckle is its inside chambers, which has a lot of stalactites and stalagmites. Of the numerous chambers, Saptasvarala Guha or Musical chamber is magnificent where the limestone arrangements make metallic sounds.

The most profound point in the surrender is called Pathalaganga where a perpetual stream is discovered keeps the temperature inside cool. Slim and decreased entries expect to creep to observe the wonderment. Belum Caves are among the must-see traveler puts close Hyderabad in at least two days.

Separation from Hyderabad: 319km

28. Hampi

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

A world mainstream visitor goal, Hampi was before a fantasy city worked in stone. Encompassed by rough rocks and banana estates, this recent capital of the Vijayanagar Empire in the neighboring province of Karnataka draws in sightseers with its heavenly destroys.

Each stone, each progression in this World Heritage Site has a story to tell. Neighborhood destinations in Hampi incorporate the popular Virupaksha Temple that ascents grandly in the core of the city, Vithala Temple Complex most known for its Stone Chariot cut from a solitary square of stone, Hazara Ramaswami Temple, Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stables, Queen's Bath, Narasimha Temple, Sasavekaalu and Kadalakaalu Ganesh Temples.

Separation from Hyderabad: 377km

29. Machilipatnam

An old town Machilipatnam has hints of presence going back to the third century. The British curated Machilipatnam as their first exchanging port on the Bay of Bengal drift. The place offers a blended pack of attractions including a few spots of love, for example, the Pandurangaswamy Temple, Dattashram other than various neighborhood network houses of worship.

The manginapudi shoreline is a well-known vacationer goal situated with beachside angling town. The Manginapudi Beach includes a characteristic inlet containing shallow water and an unmistakable dark soil plot the shoreline. The shoreline is well known for the Maghapoornami celebration.

Separation from Hyderabad: 384km

30. Pattadakal

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Of the spots to visit close Hyderabad in at least three days, Pattadakal in Karnataka is well known for its rich engineering legacy. A vital town amid the Chalukyan govern, Pattadakal is by and by known for its grandstands like the Virupaksha Temple, worked in Dravidian engineering style with 18 columns that have carvings committed to every one of the Puranas.

Displayed on the delightful Kashi Kailasanatha Temple, this is the most excellent sanctum in the locale. Mallikarjuna Temple, Sangameshwara Temple, Kashivishweshwaraya Temple, and the Jain Temple are alternate draws.

Separation from Hyderabad: 398km

31. Rajahmundry

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Rajahmundry holds the refinement of being the social capital of Andhra Pradesh and furthermore professes to be the origination of the Telugu dialect. Situated on the most stretched out purpose of the River Godavari, the historical backdrop of Rajahmundry goes back to sooner than the twelfth century.

Rajahmundry offers a couple of energizing roads for vacationers like Dindi (80km) is a quiet and all-encompassing town overflowing appeal and magnificence with its virgin backwaters, tranquil palm-bordered trenches, lakes, tidal ponds, and rivulets. Backwater travels along interesting towns offer a pleasant escape. ISKCON Temple, Markandeya Temple, and Kothilingeshwara Temple effectively make into the rundown of spots to visit.

Separation from Hyderabad: 399km

32. Badami

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Arranged at the mouth of the delightful River Krishna, Badami, once the capital of Chalukyas has an enlivening circumscribing of captivating sandstone slopes. Making it to the graph of visitor puts close Hyderabad in at least two days, Badami is known for its arrangement of four buckle sanctuaries cut from delicate sandstone.

The sanctuaries committed to Hindu Gods and Jain holy people, speak to the common idea of the past rulers. To help history cherishing vacationers, the place additionally has a broad historical center and Badami Fort roosted on a slope is known for its underground loads and tremendous storehouse.

Separation from Hyderabad: 418km

33. Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram

Maredumili, an interesting slope town is outstanding amongst other spots for nature sweethearts. For those keen on encountering the ancestral way of life in the most credible of feel, the slopes around Maredumili are inside profound wildernesses. With beautiful districts shaped by waterways and regular cascades, this is a mainstream trekking and outdoors goal.

The Rampochodavaram Falls almost a town of a similar name near Rajahmundry is the main beach front falls in Andhra. Drive through thick woods for an invigorating knowledge to see a 50ft high fall course framed by River Godavari course down the Eastern Ghat ranges.

Separation from Hyderabad: 430km and 451km

34. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Chandrapur has frequently alluded as the Jewel of Vidharba. It is prescribed as one of the spots to visit close Hyderabad in at least three days for its fortunate gathering of rich verdure. This incorporates species, for example, tigers, pumas, sloth bears, cheetah, sambhar, need gas and bison.

Found somewhere down in the heartland of a backwoods save, the hold is an unending fortune, which gets its name from "Taru" the nearby divinity and the Andhari waterway that wanders through the timberland.

Separation from Hyderabad: 431km

35. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills a curious slope town in Chittoor offers help to city occupants with its flawless environment, all-encompassing perspectives, fresh mountain air, and immaculate green scene. Prevalent as Andhra's Ooty, they are a piece of the Eastern Ghats with slopes that are geographical (one of the most established on the planet).

The territory is a fortune trove of untamed life and rich vegetation with some of choicest of species being found here. With a notable portrayal too, Horsley Hills gives traveler an affair of strolling in the mists.

Separation from Hyderabad: 528km

36. Visakhapatnam

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Visakhapatnam, a port city in Andhra Pradesh frequently alluded as the Jewel of the East Coast has a wonderful seaside scene with a portion of the best shorelines in South India. Settled between the Eastern Ghats while disregarding the Bay of Bengal, Vizag is a cool traveler goal for it offers shorelines, lakes, slopes, valleys, caverns, and a tranquil lifestyle. The expansive walkway along Ramakrishna Beach is a mainstream home base spot. What's more, Rushikonda is the best shoreline in Andhra.

Separation from Hyderabad: 588km

37. Dandeli

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

A perfect goal for any nature darling, Dandeli situated in North Karnataka is a place with rich deciduous timberlands along the Western Ghats. This little yet genuinely present-day town arranged on the River Kali gives an exceptional blend of beautiful magnificence.

It is famous for its Tiger Reserve, uncommon types of winged creatures and incalculable plants and trees. Dandeli's profound valleys slope ranges are an awesome landscape for outdoors, trekking, nature strolls, flying creature viewing and wilderness safaris. Stream Kali has a standout amongst other rapids on the planet for aficionados of wilderness boating.

Separation from Hyderabad: 597km

38. Goa

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Once a Portuguese station in India, Goa is a beautiful bit of beachfront India on the Arabian Sea. Referred to the world over as outstanding amongst other shoreline goals for its influencing palm borders, clear seawaters, shiny shoreline line, and laidback way of life with delectable fish, Goa invites each vacationer with inviting arms. Moving far from the ocean, the place likewise offers different water sports, untamed life, trekking trails, and other picturesque and courageous alternatives.

Separation from Hyderabad: 660km

39. Lonavala

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Scarcely 100km far from megapolis Mumbai, the slope station of Lonavala is a modest goal to take the break from the chaotic timetable. The flawlessly finished Lonavala and its twin Khandala are well known for the sweet chikki. Around the slope, towns are a few problem areas, for example, Karla and Bhaja Caves, Bhushi Dam, Valvan Dam, Kaivalyadhama Yoga Hospital, Duke's Nose, Ryewood Park, and Tiger's Leap.

Separation from Hyderabad: 623km

40. Pench National Park

40 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad, (INDIA)

Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh settles in the midst of the Satpuda goes and is situated on the banks of River Pench giving the recreation center its name. A tiger hold, the Pench National Park and its neighborhood is the first setting of Rudyard Kipling's most well-known work, The Jungle Book. The scene is commanded by genuinely open covering, blended timberland, and thick bushes that help a mosaic of vegetation.

Separation from Hyderabad: 662km



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